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2022 Year Review- Freedom Year!

Can you believe it! It's the last month of 2022 and we are reviewing and reflecting on our year in this episode. What personal growth did you have? What did you learn about yourself? And who are you now because of the past 12 months. We are talking about the energies of the year and what new personal rules and values you've stepped into.

I did this real fun thing in January I recorded an episode called FREEDOM YEAR Listen Here. It's episode 61 here on WildSoul Academy. In that show I talked about have 2022 was 222 numerically and how it represented Self Mastery and that energy was about stripping away all the old pieces of who we were. I knew then that this year was going to be uncomfortable. You see, I understood it was time to become our future self or at least make room her that future version of who we are becoming. I encourage you to relisten to that episode for sure.

What was really fun, was after I recorded that episode I decided to write down the different versions of me. The part of me that I no longer wanted to be. Then I wrote another list, this list was who I wanted to become. It was a test in faith and trust. As I wrote these qualities down I knew it was a choice and yet I also knew that habits and old wounds and patterns were going to make it tricky.

As the year went on, I found myself frustrated by my list. I was making only baby steps, the list was almost haunting at times because it was posted on my wall in my laundry room. Kinda funny and ironic now that I think about that. I was taking the old dirty parts of me and cleaning them up. In June on my birthday I knew something had to shift, it was time I could feel my higher self call. It's time!

At the beginning of Lionsgate in late July everything changed. A lightening strike moment occurred and light rapid fire all of the things on both of my lists started to manifest. My friend, intention truly is everything. I can now look back and share this list freely, because all of it has happened and is actively living in my daily life and its pure magic.

Want to know what my list was/is? I'm sharing it below and I encourage you to consider creating your own as well:


  • UNSTOPPABLE- I am a masterful creator who has tenacity for days. Nothing detours me from what I love and feel true passion for.

  • SOULFUL- I bring my soul gifts to the world because I trust in them

  • MOTHER- I know that one of my greatest honors in this life is to be a mom to my four beautiful children.

  • DESIGNER- One of the coolest truths I know is that I can be and do anything. I express myself through my work and relationships.

  • ILLUMINATOR- One of my gifts is to show others who they can become. I help anyone who is open by showing then their own light.

  • EARTH KEEPER- I honor life's journey and appreciate the planet and the many lessons and blessings it gives. Because of this, I do my best to slow my pace and enjoy and teach others to do the same through deep communication and connection to the earth and her cycles.

  • LOVER- I give and create love in all of my connections and relationships. I am unafraid of the wounds others reflect back to me because I believe in the sacred design that life weaves for us.

That was my list, exactly as I wrote it. When I reflect on it, I can now see I was all of those things already. I was lost and had forgotten my true power and potential. I share this for you to reflect and ask yourself what new parts of self have you elevated this year? You can hear the whole episode and also hear my WHO I WAS listen on Episode 89 Here.

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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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