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2022 Overwhelm Unwrapped!

It’s the last month of 2022!

Love, before we get to 2023, I want to pause for a moment with you.

The end of the year can be dare I say overwhelming. Not only are we reflecting back on the past 11 months and probably comparing ourselves to friends, family and peers.

We are also asking ourselves what are the highlights of this year? I think for a lot of us, the year’s end can bring a lot of pressure from a few directions. So I wanted to drop into your inbox and share my take on this whole wrap the year up with a pretty sparkly bow convo.


  1. Personal Inventory, yep, we are taking inventory. What did we achieve this year is on our minds. Let’s get honest friend, the years are flying by faster then ever. We may be asking, who are the people I surround myself with? Did I reach my personal and professional goals? Did I learn to make sourdough bread from scratch( insert your want to learn hobby here)? You get the idea, yes, not only are we reflecting back and asking ourselves these questions, we are probably pretty judgy about it too.

  2. Personal Development, we are also looking at the lessons and learnings from the year. I hope your year was blessed, but I also know life can send us some big fact challenges too. How are you really feeling about it? I mean really, truly, feeling? I find that we can feel overwhelmed this time of year because just maybe we didn’t give ourselves the space to process the stuff, the feels, the anger you get me.

  3. Happiness Assessment, we all seek fulfillment each

and every day often we are striving for freedom. This one often comes in to frame right as the year is ending and by the last week of December we have decide what we will do different in the new year to achieve the thing that will give us the freedom. I am all for vision boards and crazy goal setting etc...but I’m also know that listening to our inner knowing is truly where happiness lives. Sometimes we know this but forget…just a reminder beauty!

The pressure to tie up loose ends and finish the to-do list can feel really good and I totally encourage you to do it! However, to fall asleep December 31st, the last day of 2022 at peace and feeling fulfillment is the greatest gift you can give to yourself this month. Yes, I want you to wake up January 1, 2023 ready to take on the world, whatever that looks like for you. With a brand new way of seeing your life, with vision and goals, and a special gleam in your eyes. When friends and family see you that are in wonder…what will she accomplish this year? What is she up to, they will question.

How do you achieve this?

Instead, think about what kind of month you need December to be.

Ask yourself:

Do I need more chill & rest time?

Do I need more space to be with me? Do I need to be fully present with your loved ones? Do I crave playtime & winter adventures? Do I want time to just reflect on how you’ve grown this year?

Write a list of I AM Statement

Write a list of I Don’t Do Statements

I recommend starting by: Giving yourself the time you need to really know what you want. Take a few minutes or a few hours and just be with yourself. Ask yourself questions! And listen to the answers.

I talk about this whole idea in my new podcast episode that you can listen to here!

I hope only for the best kind of peace and clarity for the rest of the month!

P.S. If you feel like you need a little helping hand in this season (I know we all do), I’d love to invite you to the WAVE Society Community. You can follow us on Instagram too! Our LIVE version of Tarot for the Wild Intuitive Soul are still open...Join us live here

Until Next Time,



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