WildSoul Academy

Our Intention

In February 2018 Joie Kya launched her company and launched with it her first online course 28 Day's to a New You. This planted the seed for a soul-centered school. As we embark into 2020 WildSoul Academy will be a focal point for Joie as she writes and develops certification programs for the soulful practitioner and teacher. She is in collaboration with other influencers and soul-centered experts in their fields to create accredited courses and programs. Keep your eyes and eyes tuned in for our upcoming opportunities.

Our Approach

We believe that we learn best when we are experiencing the benefits from the information being given. We are a hand on and process approach learning platform. Whether you take an online, hybrid, or in-person course we will challenge to do the work for yourself before sharing it with others. So every student experiences personal integration before putting their learning out into the world.

Online Only Courses

Our online only options are still on the smaller side. We do only offer these programs live, but always encourage a self-pace approach to our curriculum. Currently we have two introduction courses to holistic and sacred living. We invite you to join either 28 Days to a New You which is offered February and September of each year or we have our 30 Day Meditation Challenge offered June and November of each year. As introduction courses they are mostly completed on your own with your teachers. Some online community interaction takes place in these courses.

Masterminds & Group Programs

We also offer a hybrid learning experience. These are courses and programs that offer both self-paced learning and one on one sacred mentoring. We take an alchemist approach understanding that it's about your unique and perfect blend that will make you successful. If you have interest in one of our course and would like to discuss in detail the outline and your individual journey we are always available for a discovery conversation.

Certifications & Apprenticeships

As we grow so does our reach, in 2020 we are launching an apprenticeship program where someone with a sacred purpose can explore and develop their holistic approach to healing. We are interviewing for a total of 3 spots for a 6 to 12 month commitment. If you are interested please contact us for details. Our certification programs will be a Meditation Practitioner course and an Integrative Holistic Practitioner Certification. We will launch in early 2020 both opportunities. 

Explore our current offerings by clicking on their names below.

Serving Northern California and Beyond

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