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Welcome Divine Soul

I'm delighted that you are here...The INSPIRED 2022 workshop is designed to...

  • Create Clear purpose.

  • Generative flow in any and all areas of life.

  • Creative aliveness that is authentic.

  • Devotion to expressing our souls truth & gifts.




Three Hour Virtual workshop 
calling forth your soul-led life

As a mother of four children, as a business owner, and space holder, I know that planning and envisioning is deeply supportive to my life and wellbeing. I also know that having those plans be spacious, flexible, inspiring, and generative is crucial to my potential.  
With the energy of the past couple of years it's key to allow for grace and easefulness as crafting plans in a season of slowness, is never about pushing or giving it rushed energy. 
When we give openness and expansion to an invitation in this way, our plans allow for our full humanity and give us the grace and space to build things of beauty.  
In creating my vision workshop, INSPIRED 2022 I am taking all of this into account, guiding us through a process that creates plans our lives and souls can say yes to All while creating a rule book to live from. 
You don’t need to be motivated for 2022 to join us ….Give yourself full permission to show up messy, quiet, sad, still in your jammies… and envision from exactly where you are. 
Because whether we’re riding the highs or the lows of the New Year right now, or navigating through the messy, magical middle… this very moment is an opportunity. 
This pandemic has connected many of us to a longing to live a more REAL, MEANINGFUL, NOURISHING life. And for many of us, that may mean a desire for some big changes… 
Whatever it is that’s calling us, what’s important is that we listen to our soul's truth, so that we can create without sacrificing what’s sacred. 
I know in my bones that it’s both possible and important that our hearts, bodies, souls, relationships, and communities are held in and honored in the vision of the future. 
So Let’s do just that... 

We are coming together Sunday Jan 16th  11am to 2pm PST

Will you join us? 


If you sign up & can’t make it, we will send you the recording. 
In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll pull out our journals, crystals  and candles, and get clear together.  
I can’t wait. 

Say Yes!

Its only $55 to Join 

or bring a friend for $88 for the two of you!

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