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1:1 Soul Sessions

Soul Quest Session

Join Joie for a deep connection with your inner magic. In a soul quest session you are given the option to select an in-person or a virtual session. Please not in-person is limited at this time. In a Soul Quest session we work deeply with the elements, spirit, and your higher self to heal trauma, realign our energy and develop our sacred vision for life. You will align with the earth and spirit to become sovereign and wholeheartedly in tune with what is your divinity. Nature, ceremony, and dedication are the three aspects we embody in these sessions. If you are looking at a virtual option please note that we can only move through so much at a time. In-person is a larger session and therefore fewer sessions are needed. 

Virtual Soul Quest Options

Single Session 90 mins $200

3~ 90 min Sessions $450 

6~90 min Sessions $ 810

9~90 min Sessions $ 1170

In-Person Soul Quest Options

One Session~5 hours~ $630 ~ The session takes place in Grass Valley, Ca outdoors.

Two Sessions~10 hours~1170~same as above


Intuitive Insight Session 


I wholeheartedly enjoy helping people understand who they really are, to illuminate their journey and to help them integrate their life experiences and lessons.  I call on my intuition and expanded 3rd eye to help my clients work through any challenge and/or blocks  they are navigating. My intuitive work is something I have been doing my entire life and therefore it is the seed of all other work that I do. My ability to use multiple tools and enhanced ability to feel on a high energetic frequency gives me the opportunity to share great insight with others. In just one session you will experience multiple levels of awareness, expansion, and greater understanding of the situations in your past, future and current circumstances. 

Each approach offers something unique and you can combine multiple approach upon request, please note that the length of the reading will determine which approaches can be completed.

30 mins $90

60 mins $150

90 mins $200

120 mins $275

* Soul Blueprint Sessions include a look at your numerology and astrology charts and looking at what frequencies and vibrations you have had and will experience. These sessions include a look at past lives, karmic ties, ancestry exploration, spirit guides/angels and how to move forward in your journey with greater understanding of your souls purpose . This is a 90 minute session and cost $250.


Healing Sessions 

During your Energy Healing Sessions, you have the capacity to access deeper parts of yourself where your gifts, talents, and abilities live.  Heal beliefs and thoughts that have held you back from connecting with your inner knowing. Remember who you were before life’s challenges invaded your life. Feel worthy to receive again. It is your birthright to experience all the ways that abundance can show up in your life.

If you are ready to heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and live your best life,  then this is for you!

Energy Healing Sessions are a combination of Chakra Alignment, Crystal Healing, Energy Clearing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, EFT, Aroma Therapy, and Reiki. 

Outcomes will vary but often include great clarity, a sense of peace, increased energy, overall wellbeing, connection to the higher self, and increased intuitive abilities.

90 min $200

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