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It's time to level up your impact...



What if you could make your five year business goals a reality in the next 12 months? Or even six? I'm here to help you rise and create impact, wealth & freedom at the same time.

So excited you've landed here

Want to work with Joie in an intimate way? You've landed in the perfect space...

We need more leaders and sacred change makers for the future.

Your unique gifts are part of this global transformation we are embarking upon. ​ Let's do this...It's your time!

Take some time to look at the 1:1 offerings and design your journey of discovery and upleveling with Joie as your guide.

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I help Female leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers & thought leaders unleash their impact and legacy.

My goal is to inspire the heck out of you but ALSO teach you the how so you can implement it and get results, because just getting inspired is frustrating when you sit down to get to work and the inspiration has faded.

I'm all about giving it to you straight (with love)!


In this premium offer, you spend 1:1 time with Joie. There are packages for you & your team or just an individual program. The beauty of this offer is it can grow with you. 



A space for leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO's and change makers to elevate and grow their impact. You love working for yourself not by yourself. You’re craving the support, accountability, and sisterhood of other driven women.


Want to work together for one super powered session? Sometimes we need a reboot or reset and a one time 1:1 session is the perfect fit. 


"The first time I heard about Joie from a friend I knew I had to talk to her. My first session I knew she was meant to guide me through this tough season in life & business. She has helped me believe in magic again, and truly sees me and knows intuitively what I need to hear and has helped me listen to my inner truth and believe in myself. I tell everyone that a session with her is like 5 therapy sessions in one. Can’t wait to grow more!"

Alicia~Creative Designer

"Joie has made a huge impact on my company. Working with her has elevated me and helped me step into my role as CEO. Her support with my leadership team has elevated our mission and impact with the organizations we serve. With her support we have grown our revenue by 5X in just 6 months of working together."

Nora~CEO of Consultant Firm

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When you say yes to this work, you say yes to expressing your creativity, showing up authentic and raw, and becoming seemingly unstoppable to express your purpose in this life. When you say yes, you say yes to developing your intuition, creating a relationship with your inner wisdom and leveling up your life and business. 

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Not sure which direction is right for you? Have more questions about the work I do? Please reach out by sending a message.

Looking for Community?

We have a space for wildly ambitious soul-led female entrepreneurs and leaders coming together to thrive and create freedom in their lives and business. 
Become a member today for as little as $55.

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I'm Joie Kya

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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. 

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