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Often as a sovereign business owner we discover that we can go it alone for a while, but at some point we feel the call to work with a coach, take a course, or join a community of like minded individuals. This can be great in theory, but this is often a challenge. How do you know what to sign up for? How do you find others that have the same desire in their hearts to do meaningful work? Should I hire a coach, join a mastermind, or take a workshop? I too had to ask myself the same questions.

This is how I came to the conclusion that Wild & Sacred Biz Accelerator can give the benefits of all three approaches. In this group you have the benefits of a coach, a high vibe peer group, and skill-set building and development.  All of our accelerator modules are created to build your skill set, get clear on your direction and lean into other experts who truly understand where you are and where you are headed. 

If you are looking at the next 6 to 12 months and are trying to navigate how you can grow and scale your business in a soul-centered way, increase your revenue, and take your business to the next level?  Then you have found a place where you can turn up your light on the world and allow it to shine brighter then ever!

Bringing like-minded creators together to grow a business that is soulful and meaningful. 

Why this Program?​

  •  A group of  High Vibe Soul-Centered Business Bestie's who are real & authentic.

  • We get real about our businesses and create the opportunity to develop tactical and creative strategies.

  •  Embrace and leverage your strengths and create strategies that come from the heart of who you are

  • Guidance and feedback on a variety of topics like: branding, goal setting, strategic planning, marketing, financial strategies, leadership, speaking, spirituality and much more.

  • Mentorship with your facilitator &Sacred Illuminator Joie Kya

  • No more DIY as we share and hold nothing back in our steps to success

  • Create a soulful talk about your business that gives a transformation experience to your listeners.

  • Overcome mindset blocks and business hurdles with a great support structure.

  • All participants are committed to growth in their life & biz.

  • Accountability Accountability Accountability

The Breakdown

What you get!

6 Wild & Sacred Biz Activation Modules~ You will have access each month to a new module to take your biz to a new strategic level. These are all self-paced and the support to move through them is key within our program. We have developed video's, Q & A sessions and much more to help you get the most out of each one.

Challenges~ Each month we have specific activation days and soulful selling challenges. We do this in the spirit of taking ourselves to the next level. We love the accountability and the support of our fellow wild and sacred team. 

Monthly Workshops~ Monthly Joie takes a topic that is key to your success and pulls back the veil to work through it for your biz. These workshops are on zoom and you have lifetime access to them as well as past workshops. 

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Joie~ In these 45 minute sessions we will spend time coaching you through any areas of opportunity in your role as a leader. These calls are always highly impactful and are offered so that we can continue the focus of personal discovery and growth. They will amplify your level of business savvy, teach new skill sets to level up your business growth, and dial in your mindset as a sacred business leader.

Monthly Mastermind Session~ Here you will take turns talking and getting strategic in your business with your fellow peers. You not only receive great insight but will also help other soul biz owners in their businesses. This is where the real magic happens, trust and friendships are built. The longer we hold space together the stronger we become and that translates to being unstoppable with your business growth.

1:1 Mentorship with Joie~ You have access to your coach for two 30 minute calls or one 60 minute next level session per month. ​

Live Event Opportunity~ Once you are in our Wild & Sacred Program a minimum of four months you are then invited to take part in one of our live or virtual events and be featured as a leader and speaker. These are offered twice a year.

Now it's time for you to decide! Can you see yourself taking advantage of such a unique and amazing opportunity?

Here is the Commitment Details:

Be Accountable

Be Soulful

Be Patient with your Progress

Be Coachable

Be Dedicated to Growth

Bring the highest version of you to the group!

Cost is $249 per month with a 6 month commitment

$399 per month with no commitment freedom option

We encourage our participants to stay in this sacred container as long as they need. 

Or take the leap and enjoy a great discount when you pay in full for 6 months and only invest $1249 


The Wild & Sacred Module's

Here is a sample of what's inside of our modules:

My mission and purpose for these tools are to align you to Do Less & Be More out in the world doing what you are called to do. Each module is soulfully designed to release what's not working and make room to connect to what is. They are developed to be self-paced so that you can learn and implement what truly resonates for your wild and sacred biz. 

Module One~Owning your Sacred Gift

  • Deep assessment of your life & biz to discover what is working 

  • Tapping into your inner visionary

  • Create awareness and awaken to your untapped potential

  • Identify your sacred super power to leverage your impact today and for the future.

  • Cultivate and nurture yourself to prepare for the wilderness.


Module Two~Mapping the Wild

  • Develop a meaningful vision and mission statement

  • Identify your market, who inspires you?

  • Developing your sacred communication 

  • Embrace your true essence & Identify your brand

  • Social, where to be and how to up-level your presence.

  • What does your platform say about you?  The truth about Website's and Bio's


Module Three~ Wild & Sacred CEO

  • Walk into your legal landscape and own it like a sacred CEO!

  • Contracts & Systems are Sacred 

  • Dial in your money! Energy In & Energy Out!

  • Operations & Procedures, what is the minimum and how to scale it as you grow

  • Simple Powerful Planning for your Life & Biz

  • How to identify and let go of what's not working


Module Four~Sacred  Impact

  • Releasing blocks in your biz

  • Activate your next unique gift for what's next

  • Apply the Innovation Formula to be an impactful creatrix

  • Reassess your biz & life, what to let go of?

  • Practices & Tools to get you on the fast track to completion. 

  • How to grow and expand and keep leveling up my sacred biz game authentically.

  • Wild & Sacred Selling


Module Five~Untamed & Tenacious

  • Develop a soul-centered talk that can be 15 to 60 minutes 

  • Tapping into the world of written communication, write and share your message.

  • Formulating a workshop and how to create an outline that gives them exactly what they need.

  • Develop the teacher within

  • Deeper look into your platform, search engines and social

  • Reflecting on how you spend your time and polishing up your planning

  • What are you offering? Bringing it to the next level

  • Achieve and celebrate like a rock star about it!


Module Six~Flourish Wildly

  • Discover the next level  for you

  • How to expand your network

  • Be unstoppable

  • Relationships, Partnerships & Collaboration

  • Building a Community that loves you.

  • How to create the long game and soar!

The price is right! All of this for such a small price. You may think it's too good to be true. But my friend, just like you I have a sacred call that my wild heart will not deny. I am called to serve individuals like you..So let's get the party started!

Cost is $249 per month with 6 month commitment

$399 per month with no commitment freedom plan

We encourage our participants to stay in this sacred container as long as they need. 

Or take the leap and enjoy a great discount when you pay in full for 6 months and only invest $1249 


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You are not alone, just like you we all need to connect with others on a soul driven mission.

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