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Soul Quest

You are invited to join me, as we dive into our sacred, powerful and wild soul birthright.

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It's Time for a Quest of the Soul...

Bird Silhouettes

As your facilitator for a Soul Quest, I bring my full skill-set to the table…Mindset/Emotional Attunement, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing, Soul Attractor Practices, Earth Keeper Wisdom, Meditation and more.

This work is sacred space holding in nature. Whether you take the individual journey or gather a group of souls to journey with..You are invited to travel with me.


It is time to remember your sacred soul. It is time to reclaim your power dear sweet earthed soul. Can you hear it..your divine version of you is calling. She is saying "Goddess, it is time to awaken."

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Who is a Soul Quest for?

I believe taking time out from everyday life and to listen and be one with nature is a powerful experience. It is elevated when led by a guide who can facilitate deep awareness of your soul. 


This half or full day experience will be transformative and rooted deeply into moving any blocks that may be holding you stagnant and unclear in your life. You will leave feeling energy rich, mentally and emotionally clear and filled with insights that you will integrate into your life. As a result you will show up in your life more potent and abundant.  


We start by connecting via Zoom to set your intention for this time together. You may go this solo or invite a small group to join. The groups can grow up to twenty individuals. We meet in a beautiful nature spot in Nevada City California.

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Pre & Post Quest

Setting Intention

For this work we carve out a private session prior to the day of your quest to set an intention for our time together. There is a post quest session, we dive into how the experience has integrated into your day to day.

Offering two sessions before and after your quest gives us the opportunity to create a meaningful connection with soul and self that is long lasting from your soul quest. 



Energetic Healing

During our time together I will facilitate an energetic healing that will awaken the energetic codes within you. This process looks like healing wounds mentally, emotionally and physically. 

There is magic in the moment that you can leave your old stories and hurts behind. Set them down and no longer carry them into the future. The freedom one feels from taking the wisdom and leaving the rest to be recycled into renewal and expansion. 


The Quest

Soul Quest

Your Soul Quest will take place in or near Grass Valley, Ca. We travel into nature to commune with self and be witnessed by the elements of the earth.

We co-create a sacred space among the tree's, soil, and waters that are sacred to the land. We come into a natural state as we witness nature in all of her purest state of equilibrium. We listen and learn as we hold space for what wants to be experienced. 

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Sacred Ceremony

During our time you will also experience a ceremonial release and rebirth. We do this with the tools nature provides during our quest. This is an intuitive process and each quest I do feels a bit different. 

Everyone has their own unique ceremony based on their souls imprint on the earth and the work they are called to do during our time together. 

What you will experience....


I am passionate about helping souls like you hit refresh and reset in their lives. I want for you to release old stuff that is clogging your flow. I want for you to reconnect with your divinity. I want for you to feel how rich and pure your life can be. 

I'm here to serve and I want to keep this process easeful for you. If you are ready to say yes, you are agreeing to an activation of body and soul. And we do this together in a sacred journey. 


Now let's look at the details you need to know...

45 min Pre Soul Quest Virtual Session

45 min Post Soul Quest Virtual Session

1/2 or Full Day Soul Quest


So What Does it Cost?

$555 for 1/2 Day Quest (4 hours )

$777 for Full Day (7 hours)

How Do I Know Which One is Best for Me?

The half day quest is often the perfect choice for most. The full day quest is ideal for the individual who has a goal in mind. For example, a full day is great for moving through big trauma or big life changes such as divorce. 

Group vs. Solo Soul Quest

Above pricing is for 1 to 5 individuals.

It's an additional $100 for 1/2 day and an additional $125 for full day per person from 6 on up to 20 attendees in any group.

If you are seeking a larger group experience we can set up a consult Here to discuss those options which may include traveling to your chosen destination. 

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