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Welcome beautiful, sweet, divine one.

So grateful you are here to explore! This page will give an overview of the offerings WildSoul Academy is bringing forth in 2021!

Our courses are a beautiful blend of healing, magic, creativity, and intuition

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What we do

Because we can

Our keystone courses are for a soul seeking deep connection with healing, magic, intuition, manifestation and community. 

Our program is part sacred feminine/masculine school, mystic training, intuition development and earth goddess medicine all brought together in certifications that activate your soul gifts. We move through the courses as we move through each moon cycle and season, in complete flow and trust. 

This is part online community, high touch connection with your facilitators, and self-paced learning and application. 

Examples of  what you will learn are: Plant Medicine, Ritual, Healing Modalities, Deep Energetic Upgrades, and more...

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The Intention

We unify all of who we are in this work by setting the intention to call in our full being...feminine and masculine, light and dark, heart and mind.

We learn to be sacred earth keepers by placing one foot in each world. Seeking our divine truth through introspection and integration of what feels aligned within.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.

We believe you are divinely called to be here, that this pulse from spirit is an invitation to come into community and evolve into a deeper way of being on this planet.

This is an intimate group of devoted students committed to what's sacred and mystical, to learn key skills, support each other, to be witnessed, and become mighty change makers in our own lives and communities. 

It begins with the individual, it begins with you! Embarking on a beautiful quest of listening and learning our own truth and merging that with the earths wisdom brings a reckoning of one's soul. 

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How it Flows

Whether you come in for one course or all, your contribution and focus brings life into our sacred container. The courses thread the golden truths of life together in an intentional way to activate your soul and align it to spirit and earth. 

When you complete one of our courses you will discover a new way of existing in this life and may want to embark into our soul leadership program Illuminated Soul. Our leadership apprenticeship is designed to activate your own healing modality and approach to working within the healing field. 

The apprenticeship is created to be completed within a year to eighteen months, although some may complete it at a quicker pace.We are in full alignment when we are in deep partnership with the earth and divine. And so, we are in full trust that you will follow your heart with the work and allow it to weave into your life at a sacred pace.

We welcome questions and interest by contacting us..   

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Beautiful Details

 You will Experience

  • Sacred Monthly Trainings 

  • Private Session with your teacher

  • Monthly New Moon Meditation.

  • 15 or more lessons of course work available to move through at your own pace within each course.

  • Full Moon Intuition & Soul Activation Sessions

  • Full Access to our Divinity Vault that is full of trainings, worksheets, meditation library, resources and masterclasses.

  • High Touch Access to your teachers

  • Full Access to the WildSoul Academy Portal

  • Private Platform and Community.

  • Six months access to trainings and teachers.

  • Certificate of Completion for your course. 

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Aligned Soul

 Akashic Intuitive Practitioner Certification

In this course we move into deep intuitive work to align soul with self . When you enter this life you have a divine design and it is your birthrite. This course will call your soul to work consciously in your life. Allowing for deep understanding of your personal earth codes. In this course you will receive 9 attunements that are essential to your unique imprint for living in our current time. As a result you will activate your 3rd eye and throat chakras to receive and speak the truths that are streaming through you. 

Some of the topics and tools you will experience:

  • Calling the Soul 

  • Identifying your truth

  • Communicating your intuition

  • Understand the vibration of Love

  • Past Life Regression

  • Akashic Realm Keys

  • Heightened Intuition 

Upon our completion each student will receive a certification of completion.

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Cost $ 396

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of the elem

Unbound Soul

Sacred Soul Practitioner Certification

In this course we play with the delightful energies of soul as we explore our sacred space within and our environment. This course is filled with simple approaches by tapping into our energy and the earths to create magic and wonder in our lives and homes.

Some of the topics and tools you will experience:

  • Energy Rich Living

  • Abundance Portals 

  • Masterful Manifestation

  • Setting Sacred Spaces

  • Unbinding Wounds

Upon our completion each student will receive a certification of completion.

Cost $ 396
payment options available

Earthed Soul

Earth Energy Practitioner Certification

In this course we play through the intuitive energies of earth as we align with stars and soil . Our journey will begin with a personal connection to the earth and spiral into the many ways we can give back to her and listen with renewed senses to what she needs for a sustainable future. We explore our companionship with plants, trees, crystals and more.

Some of the topics and tools you will experience:

  • Communing with the Elements

  • Identifying Places of Power

  • Solar and Lunar Communication

  • Geometric Patterns and Lay Lines

  • Natures Temple 

  • Plant Identification & Wildcraft

  • Crystal Companions

  • Crafting Bundles, Tinctures, Candles & More

Upon our completion each student will receive a certification of completion.

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Cost $ 396
payment options available

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

Energized Soul

Energetic Healing  Practitioner Certification

In this course we move into the deep journey of self healing and deep activation. During these modules we will dive into connecting to our higher selves, working with the divine in a sacred relationship and healing your energy. This work is great for the individual who is seeking to heal and maintain their energy field and for the healing practitioner that wants to bring new approaches of healing to their work.

Some of the topics and tools you will experience:

  • The New Archetypes of Aquarius

  • Journey & Meditation Portals

  • Channeling Energy

  • Attunements of  9 Sacred Gateways

  • Cellular Activation

  • Releasing and Healing Blocks & Wounds

  • Intuitive Energy 

Upon our completion each student will receive a certification of completion.

Cost $ 999
payment options available

Illuminated Soul

Soul Leadership Program

Soul Guide Certification Program

For those seeking to bring healing and powerful change to their community we are now offering a program to develop you. This program includes facilitator training, unlocking your unique energetic gifts, program creating, and the energetics of connecting with your soul clients. 

 If you are feeling called we recommend joining one of our courses to begin learning our modalities and to attune yourself to this work. 

All students for this program will first connect with the teachers to determine if this is a soul aligned program for you. This also gives you opportunity to connect into the container prior to entering.

Cost $ 3600
(12) $333 or (18) $222
payment options available

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Take a journey of truth, expansion & transformation...

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The Investment 

Individual Course Pricing
Aligned Soul  $ 397
Unbound Soul  $ 397
Earthed Soul  $ 397
Energized Soul  $  999

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Illuminated Soul Apprenticeship
includes all courses and certifications in addition to the soul leadership program. 

Aligned Soul
Unbound Soul
Earthed Soul
Energized Soul 

Illuminated Soul Leadership
Apprenticeship & Training!

$ 3600 paid in full
$333 a month x 12 of payments

18 months access to the full program and teachers.

Your Facilitators

Joie Kya

Joie is a Soul Weaver, Illuminator, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Sacred Collaborator, Soulful Author, Inspirational Speaker, Retreat Leader, Life Blueprint Architect, and the most Grounded Free Spirit you will ever meet.

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Shine Si

Theresa Rose

Theresa Rose is an intuitive tarot practitioner, numerologist and budding entrepreneur, she has an appreciation and deep respect of the energies of the universe.  She is here to share her life long love of esoteric knowledge and practical application of achieving Life Mastery.

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What Students are Saying

This space is sacred and special. It opened up a whole new side of myself. It was like a new door that I never knew existed. The souls that are drawn to their work are truly magical and amazing.


Joie has a gift in facilitating the right people into a group, there is something magical in working with people who are on the same journey and have the strength to be vulnerable around you, and lifting you up when you share your story. 

Sabrina~Sacred Activist & Podcaster

Join Joie Kya for powerful sacred conversations on the WildSoul Academy Podcast!

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