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Aligned Soul

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Offered Live Jan & Aug

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You Are A Blessed & Gifted Divine Being....
It Is Time To Activate & Bring Forth Your Power.

In this course we move into deep intuitive work to align soul with self . When you enter this life you have a divine design and it is your birthrite. This course will call your soul to work consciously in your life. Allowing for deep understanding of your personal earth codes.  As a result you will activate your entire being to receive and speak the truths that are streaming through you from the Akashic & Earth Codes.

You are invited....

Sacred one, we welcome you to awaken the energy codes within self and soul. It is time to embrace your mystical nature. To show the world how potent and breathtaking your medicine is. 

Drink from the sacred well and walk through the gateway onto the Aligned Soul path.


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I am Joie Kya... I am your humble guide on this cosmic journey...

This mystical path is for the courageous, compassionate, and curious soul who knows it is time to seek guidance and wisdom from within. You have outgrown the need to prove yourself and attach yourself to the old ways of thinking and living.


It is time to hone in on your intuition and become masterful with your energy. To live life based on your sacred design that is coded in your unique blueprint and embedded with Stardust from the astral realm and the blood from those that have come before you. You know what to do and how to be in full trust yourself.

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Sacred Keystones of the Journey

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1st Attunement Activation

Intuition Development

Energetic Codes

Running Akashic & Earth Energy

Sacred Counsel Connection

Connect to your Sacred Blueprint 

About the Course

In this course we are calling in our divine connection to source and earth. We will work with Akashic and Earth energy to tap in and connect to our divine birthright. This work is sacred and can be used for your own inner healing and to help others as a healer if you choose. 

We come from the cosmos and our star essence is something that can be harnessed and directed to heal illness and disease. When we illuminate our light we can use our senses in a deep and powerful way. 

This work is both spiritual and practical and the work will awaken your intuition and insight. You will learn the new communication thread that is moving through you from the astral and earth energy codes. This gateway can feel uncomfortable and even unsettling without a sacred container to explore it. 

This course was built to help you navigate this great portal of transition and transmutation. You will learn how to commune with source and earth and begin to understand your soul's blueprint. Then yielding great wisdom so you may live at the highest vibration of your divine design in this life. 

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This space is sacred and special. It opened up a whole new side of myself. It was like a new door that I never knew existed. That souls that are drawn to their work are truly magical and amazing.


Joie has a gift in facilitating the right people into a group, there is something magical in working with people who are on the same journey and have the strength to be vulnerable around you, and lifting you up when you share your story. 

Love Notes

The Sacred Container

When you say yes, you will receive

  • 11 Video modules of course work available to move through at your own pace.

  • Akashic Journey 

  • 6 months full access to the course and practitioner portal

  • Full Access to our Divinity Vault that is full of trainings, worksheets, meditation library, resources and masterclasses.

  • High Touch Access to your facilitators

  • Private Platform and Community.

  • Downloadable material so you have it for a lifetime

  • Certificate of Completion 

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What your experience will be...

  • Clear the clutter that has blocked your line of communication.

  • Activate your sacred line and birthright by opening the connection with your sacred counsel and earth codes. 

  • Release fear, gain clarity, trust yourself, learn and support your purpose.

  • Open your Soul Communication, align the messages of your blueprint through your connection with above and earth. 

  • Wisdom received through past lives and deepening the connection with your soul. 

The Investment

  • In this course we commit to the work and soul journey by bringing our energy into the work and the practitioner portal weekly.

  • Communicate with your teachers and reach out when you are feeling the need for clarification and guidance.

  • Complete course work within the three month timeframe

  • Communicate any challenges or foreseen delays in completing the work.

Financial Investment



4 payments of $33

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Frequently asked questions...

When can I begin?

Upon acceptance into the course, the gateway opens, and the transformation begins immediately. You will  be given access to the practitioner portal, and full access to the course. During this time, you will also receive a gift package from me in your be on the look out for that.

Are the monthly training calls recorded?

Certain portions will be recorded and placed inside your WildSoul Practitioner Portal if you miss a call. It is highly encouraged that you attend the monthly trainings because it is a sacred space for you to share what you’ve discovered about yourself while also the time you can receive guidance, healing, or ask additional questions. The intimate circle shares will not be recorded.

What is the time commitment?

This will take personal discernment and setting a sacred intention. What does it mean to be devoted? How can you honor your spiritual practices? What would it mean to prioritize living and being present before anything else, including your business?

Will I learn energy healing?

Yes. You will learn an energy healing tool that you will practice during the course and in the practitioner portal. As an initiate, you will get comfortable using these tools on yourself.  If you desire to infuse them in your coaching or healing service - you will be invited to enroll in our Soul Leadership program which includes all of our certifications in addition to deep development in bringing your soul gifts to the world. 

What is the cost of this sacred journey?

The Aligned Soul ~Intuitive Certification is $111 or two (4) payments of $33.


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Financial Investment



4 payments of $33

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