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Calling all sacred soul-centered beings...


Enter into the doors of the WildSoul Academy, a sacred space for mystical, embodied souls on a sacred journey of self awakening and empowerment.

We are a band of wild, raw, magical, trailblazers coming together to honor and embody our divinity in sacred space and community.

You are a Spiritual Being 


 You are divinely invited to be here!

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Inside of the Academy

This is an entry level space within the greater container of workshops and certification courses offered through the WildSoul Academy platform. We will use the earths energy and elements as our sacred guide to create a narrative around our personal discovery and soulful alignment. This is an empowering circle of souls dedicated to the rising of our truth and the connection we all share as sacred and divine. When you say yes to this honor and commitment you are embracing your divine wisdom and inner knowing that you have a greater call deep within your belly. 


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We come together to gather in deep sacred space. We practice deep transformation together. We do this with intuitive expansion practices, sacred journey meditations, embodiment practices and sacred modalities to heal, awaken and express our divine souls truth. 

The WildSoul Academy is essential. It's energy rich, mystical and even practical at times. Although there is plenty of material you will receive completely free there is a magic that takes place in this sacred container. It becomes a transformation platform, an abundance magnet, a community of deep relationships, and  sacred counsel. 

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Joie Kya Sacred Illuminator & Master Facilitator of the Sacred Journey

You will Experience
   Soulful Community 
Sacred Space 
Developed Intuition
Meditation & Journey Work
Dream Manifestation Portal
 Rituals for Sacred Living
Energy Medicine 

& Much More

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The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to

grow sharper...

                                                   ~ W.B. Yeates

Private Group Platform with App & Web Access

  Soul Offerings with insights, meditations, pdf's and more.

Insider pulse on The WildSoul Academy Podcast

Gatherings and Virtual Events

Access to our divinity vault full of meditations, masterclasses and talks

Special pricing and early access to our certifications, programs & events

A community of high vibe souls


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Join Joie Kya for powerful sacred conversations on the WildSoul Academy Podcast!

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