Joie Kya

Strategic Alchemist~ Sacred Collaborator~ Illuminator...

Joie Kya 

I am a Soul Weaver, Illuminator, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Sacred Collaborator, Soulful Author, Inspirational Speaker, Retreat Leader, Life Blueprint Architect, and the most Grounded Free Spirit you will ever meet.




To pull and integrate that soulfire energy in your belly and heart so it may be seen and experienced in the world by tuning into your highest version of you and listening to your intuition.  To create space of exploration,  do the work you feel pulled to do, and take your life to a new level. 

Who I work with

My passion is in working with people who are kind-hearted, tenacious and feel a deep inner call to awaken & expand. I believe that we are powerful, sensitive, aware, intuitive, intelligent and have the courage to do things wildly differently. 

I work with those who know we are here to fulfill an important soul-centered mission whether its the role of mother, sister, lover, friend, healer, or counselor. You understand you have the choice now to move out of your own way and align your mind and energy with the person you desire to become. You know deep down that on the other side of fear is so much freedom. But you're also scared, resistant, stagnant, hesitating to act, and holding back. The old ways of doing things are no longer working and you know you need to break the cycle and inject fresh energy into your world.

You know you are here for a reason. But you sense something needs to shift so you can go ALL-IN. You've been in your head a lot lately. Possibly thinking. questioning, and yes over-analyzing. What you really need right now is to clear out the noise and get in touch with your truth. But it's hard to do on your own, and having support from someone who gets it would make ALL the difference.

That's where I come in...

What happens when you work with me?

Working with me privately is an investment in yourself and your future. From the moment you say YES to receive support from me, you are making a declaration to the Universe that you are ready to grow and step up in your life.
When you take that leap, YOUR LIFE becomes OUR PROJECT. We're in it together. We map out where you want to go and make a soul-pact to go full-steam-ahead to get you there. My mentorship style is unique because it's a commitment to work not just at the practical and mental level together, but to dive deep into the underlying emotional and energetic dynamics that contribute to your habits, challenges and dreams.

As your facilitator for soul change, I bring my full skill-set to the table…
Mindset/Emotional Attunement, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing, Soul Attractor Practices, Meditation and more.

My illuminator style harnesses the power of your intuition and mine combined. We work on the energetic level to bring more flow to the manifestation process. We dive deep into the subconscious to unlock your ultimate truth.
Instead of working hard, we work smart and by the end of our journey, you'll be transformed. Brighter, wiser, and living in greater alignment with your soul. You'll feel more confident, courageous, self-loving and high on life.

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