Clarity, Wisdom, and Wellness

30 Day Meditation Challenge

The Breakdown


Tap into your inner-bliss through the power of a mindfulness & meditation practice! 

Go at your own pace!

Discover spiritual connection and mental clarity with this 30-day dedication course. Each day you will receive a meditation and passage of the day, each offers you personal and spiritual growth as you explore the possibilities found within your practice. Course also includes a facebook group and optional private sessions to deepen your experience.

Intention of the course

  • Deep assessment of your current thoughts and habits

  • Develop a meditation practice

  • Create awareness and awaken to your personal truth

  • Cultivate and nurture your inner compass


What you will learn

  • Tools for managing stress

  • Let go of the past and things you can not control

  • Create vision for your life and career

  • Embrace abundance 


Unexpected side effects

  • Improved sleep & health

  • Clear the mental clutter in your life

  • Smile more

  • Increased productivity


How it works

  • Sign up & get immediate access to our private facebook community & our exclusive library of  meditation recordings

  • Your first day begins immediately! 

  • Your inbox will have an email each day which includes a daily passage and a guided meditation

  • If you opted into the premium package you will be contacted to set up your private sessions within 48 hours of signing up for the course.



Q-I have never mediated before, will I be able to do this course?

A- 100% Yes,  this course guides you through breath work and visualizations that are simple and impactful. You will be amazed at your results.

Q-I have a difficult time relaxing and have never had much success meditating in the past, how is this course any different?

A-The best part about joining this program is the support network available. We have peers and mentors that are available to support you throughout this process in our community. You may also want to sign up for the premium package to get the one on one mentoring to help you overcome some of your unique challenges. 

If you have a question please feel free to contact us so that we may help you


Join us for live Meditation Classes!

Each month a variety of meditation and holistic classes are offered at Wildflower Studios in Sacramento. There are also live online classes available. To see some of Joie's classes see the events tab or check out the Wildflower Website for all of our offerings!

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Also available is a private mentorship with Joie Kya.